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If any school be subscriber of our school management system then maximum 50 sms per month per student will be sent free.

Student no.Per Day SMSTotal Day in monthMax SMS in Month
Per SMS ChagesTotal SMS in MonthTotal Charges in MonthWe charges= ???
.30taka30 SMS9.00taka0.00 Taka

Are You Confisued?
We do it!
Just pay the Charges for School Mangement System per Month and enjoy 50 SMS Per Student Per Month Absolutely Free.

conditions apply

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About the My School Bd

MyschoolBD is a product of Unilogic Software is an Online School, College and Madrasha Management System. myschoolbd is a centralized web based School, College and Madrasha Management System which can be accessed easily from anywhere in the world, enables the students, teachers, parents and the management be in touch with each other at all times it include a lot of Auto Reports of Academic Management, Accounting Management and Hostel Management along with SMS Alert Service. This application helps students, teachers and school administrative staff to use their school data in such a way that accessing relevant reports and handling day to day processes are made easy. Dynamic website myschoolbd.com also included Dynamic website that can be easily operated and every field name even Menu and Sub-Menu can be maintained, interchanged and edited easily; and needed and relevant (customized) information or reports can be shown automatically on your Dynamic website from the application.

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